Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Review 2023.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Review 2023.

Here are the most important facts about this mattress and what it offers you. We go into individual factors such as size, firmness level, feel and more. We hope you enjoy reading! Sweet dreams ­čÖé

Key takeaways:

7 zoned foam base
Good edge support
Memory foam layer
Medium-firm 6.5/10
Excellent support
Suitable for all sleeping positions*
Removable cover
Highly breathable
High-quality materials
365 nights trial
Forever Warranty
5 days non-contact delivery
Organic and sustainably
No nasty materials
100% Carbon Neutral
*can be too firm for light people


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Forever Warranty
  • Eco friendly


  • Not suitable for heavier stomach sleepers
Nectar Memory Foam mattress review

from more than 12 000 customers

Table of content:

What material is The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress made of?

There are many factors that make Nectar a high-quality green mattress. Some of these include sustainable materials, commitment to quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

nectar memory foam mattress review 2023
Image credit: Nectar

Position base material. Thanks to the bottom of the mattress, your mattress will not slip off your bed. This is due to the fact that it is made of a material that prevents this.

7 zoned foam base. Head, shoulders, pelvis, legs. These are some body parts that you will get support with The Zone System. It is the perfect combination for a good night and a healthy sleep.

Pressure relieving Memory Foam 2.5 cm.. Memory foam, which lines the mattress core, makes the mattress even more comfortable and in demand. This helps to reduce the stress on your muscles and joints, so you can sleep better. The tests show that it helps quite well to relieve tension. It depends on the sleeping position, for back sleepers it is perfect, for side sleepers it is quite good and for stomach sleepers it is good.

Dynamic support layer. This layer of breathable foam is designed to improve air circulation, regulate your body temperature and provide excellent support. It also has extra elasticity to increase bounce.

Quilted Cooling cover. Tailored textiles that prevent sweating through good air circulation and dissipate heat from the body.

nectar memory foam mattress review layers
Image credit: Nectar

What is its firmness?

Nectar Memory Foam is a comfortable, medium firm mattress with 6-6.5 points out of 10. Thanks to its core, it provides good support for the body and especially the spine, but also provides additional comfort thanks to the layer of memory foam.

Nectar Memory Foam mattress firmness

How does it feel?

As we have already mentioned, a mattress feels comfortable, but at the same time it is stable enough to keep the body in a proper and natural shape. It can feel firm for lighter people and softer for overweight people. If you like to sleep on your stomach and are overweight, we would recommend choosing a firmer mattress.

Nectar Memory Foam mattress pressure relief
nectar premier hybrid mattress review Air Flow
nectar premier hybrid mattress review weight distribution

Does it have a removable cover?

The cover can be easily removed and washed at your home, so do not worry about it! Using a mattress protector can significantly extend the life of your new mattress. Mattress Cleaning – 8 tips for Mattress Cleaning

Nectar Memory Foam mattress on bed
Image credit: Nectar

Does it have a home test period?

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress provides the perfect solution for your needs. In addition to a 365-night trial period, it also offers unlimited exchanges and free returns. Best of all, you can test the mattress for an entire year to see how it feels each season. And if you don’t like it, don’t worry! You can return it for free and get a full refund.

Is it suitable for couples?

If you share your bed with a partner or a pet, you’ll love the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. The high-quality foam will not let the vibrations caused by your partner or pet’s movements be felt and wake you up.  In combination with the stable edges, it is ideal for couples.

Is it suitable for children?

Recent studies have shown that medium-firm and firm mattresses without an additional memory foam layer are suitable for growing children (3-7 years). Therefore, Nectar Memory Foam mattress is NOT suitable for your child.

What sizes are available?

You can order the mattress in the following sizes:

  • Single: W90 L190 D25 cm.
  • Small Double W120 L190 D25 cm.
  • Double: W135 L190 D25 cm.
  • King: W150 L200 D25 cm.
  • Super King: W180 L200 D25 cm.
Nectar Memory Foam mattress sizes
Image credit: Nectar

How thick is Nectar Memory Foam?

This model is 25 cm. deep. If your bed has a soft padded headboard that restricts the height of the mattress, it is good to consider this.

Nectar Memory Foam mattress on bed
Image credit: Nectar


The Nectar® Memory Foam mattress comes with a Forever Warranty. If your mattress develops a defect, the manufacturer will repair or replace it free of charge.

How much does the delivery cost?

You can order the The Nectar® Memory Foam mattress with free delivery on a day that suits you. Nectar takes climate change very seriously and has therefore developed a process where the delivery is 100% carbon neutral. You can order an old mattress and pick it up for a fee. Please note that your old mattress can only be picked up outside of the property. The mattress is rolled up in a practical transport box.

Video credit: Nectar


The price of the mattress is quite affordable for a mid-range memory mattress. Thanks to regular promotions, you can save a large part of the price. If we must mention the direct competitors, their prices do not differ much.

Plus, you can get 0% financing on your purchase. And of course, this mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty! Check out the current special offers by clicking the button below

Verdict for Nectar Memory Foam mattress.

In conclusion, in our opinion, the mattress is comfortable and provides the necessary support to feel good during sleep. Considering its affordable price, it is a good choice for a memory mattress. Of course, we have to mention that this model will not please everyone, but that’s not a reason to worry, because there is a great choice on the market. In particular, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress may feel firmer than expected for light people. As we mentioned at the beginning, we also do not recommend it for people who sleep on their stomach and are overweight.

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