How to restore your sleep with an orthopedic mattress

How to restore your sleep with an Оrthopedic Мattress?

How to restore your sleep with an Оrthopedic Мattress?

In this article, you will learn what an Orthopedic Mattress is and how this type of mattress helps improve sleep and reduce the discomfort of back pain. Orthopedic Mattresses are also very suitable for people with herniated disks, back pain and joint pain.

What is an Orthopedic Mattress?

The Orthopedic Mattress is a mattress that is characterized by much greater rigidity than other mattresses, as well as points that provide additional support to certain parts of the spine and body.

Is there a medical Orthopedic Mattress?

Some mattresses may be registered as medical devices.

Maximum support.

  • Orthopedic Mattresses are designed to provide maximum support to the back and joints throughout the night while minimizing pain and discomfort.
  • Evenly distributed body weight. The rigid support distributes body weight to reduce tension in the spine, relieves pressure at painful points and keeps the spine in proper shape.
  • Special support in the neck, spine, and thighs. In Orthopedic Mattresses, special attention is paid to the neck, spine, and thighs, which are the most common source of pain.
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When is an Orthopedic Mattress recommended?

In case of health problems, doctors recommend sleeping on an Orthopedic Mattress.

Orthopedic Mattresses are also very suitable for people with discomfort and pain in the back and joints. These pains need special attention to be relieved and there are several facts that Orthopedic Mattresses help with.

Whenever it comes to achieving a good rest and quality sleep, a very important step is to identify your needs.

The same mattress may be ideal for one person, but extremely uncomfortable for you. When you notice this, it is very likely that your discomfort and pain need special attention and some of this attention will be given by choosing an Orthopedic Mattress.

Studies show that after the age of 7, the quality of the mattress begins to decline. After your mattress has served you right for 7 years, it is good to buy a new one for better and more peaceful sleep. In this line of thinking, an Orthopedic Mattress can be the solution to your pain and suffering.

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The ideal firmness for an Orthopedic Mattress.

Influenced by medical research in the field of orthopedics, which often focuses on disorders and deformities of the spine and joints, Orthopedic Mattresses are specially designed to deal with the problems you have every night.

Hard Orthopedic Mattresses offer ideal support for the body and do not allow the pelvis to “sink”, as is the case with softer models.

If your mattress is too soft, it will allow your pelvis to “sink”, leading to a curvature of the spine. This most often causes unwanted pain and discomfort during sleep.

Maybe it’s time to restore your sleep with comfort and stable support for your spine with a new Orthopedic Mattress?

Review some of the top models:

Sizes in which you can buy Orthopedic Mattress:

  • Small Single (2) 2’6″ x 6’3″ | 75cm x 190cm
  • Single (40) 3′ x 6’3″ | 90cm x 190cm
  • Small Double (25) 4′ x 6’3″ | 120cm x 190cm
  • Double (43) 4’6″ x 6’3″ | 135cm x 190cm
  • King Size (43) 5′ x 6’6″ | 150cm x 200cm
  • Superking (42) 6′ x 6’6″ | 180cm x 200cm
  • Superking Zip and Link (5) 6′ x 6’6″ | 180cm x 200cm
  • Small Single Short (1) 2’6″ x 5’9″ | 75cm x 175cm
  • Single Short (1) 3′ x 5’9″ | 90cm x 175cm
  • European Double (2) 4’7″ x 6’6″ | 140cm x 200cm
  • European King Size (2) 5’3″ x 6’6″ | 160cm x 200cm

* Not all manufacturers offer the above sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does an Orthopedic Mattress cost?

Prices depend on size, model and manufacturer. Take a look at the offers with Orthopedic Mattresses.

How does an Orthopedic Mattress help me?

The orthopedic mattress keeps the body and spine in proper shape, which reduces back and neck pain. To be as useful as possible, it is good to combine it with a suitable and comfortable pillow for you.

Is there a medical Orthopedic Mattress?

Some models may be registered as medical devices.

Is there an Orthopedic Mattress for a king-size bed?

Orthopedic mattresses are available for all types of beds.

The best Orthopedic Mattresses?

Is there such a thing as “the best orthopedic mattresses”? This is very individual, so it is impossible to say which mattress is the best for your body. You can read more about how to choose the right mattress for you in our blog.

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