OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review 2023

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review 2023.

In this review, we’ll explain the most important features of this mattress for you. We’ll take a close look at everything it’s to offer, including size, firmness level, feel, and more. We hope you enjoy reading it! We wish you sweet dreams ­čÖé

Key takeaways:

Pocket springs core
Memory Foam Layer
Medium-firm 6/10
Good support
Suitable for all sleeping positions
Removable cover
Highly breathable
High-quality materials
100 nights trial
10 Years Warranty
Room of choice delivery (additional charge)


  • Pocket springs – best sleeping tech
  • Cool
  • Comfortable
  • Budget friendly


  • Additional cost for delivery to room of choice
  • Without handles
  • Feels less supportive on soft base
OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review front on bed

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Table of content:

What material is The OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress made of?

The OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress is manufactured in the heart of Yorkshire in the UK. The company is dedicated to creating some of the best sleep products in the UK. So let us take a deep look at what materials they use in it.

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review 2023
Image credit: Otty

High Density Base Foam. The bottom layer of the mattress is made of high-strength foam to provide good support for the pocket springs and withstand high loads.

Side Support. High quality foam is placed around the entire perimeter of the mattress to secure the springs and keep the edge well fixed so you can use the mattress and not feel like falling out.

16cm Encapsulated Pocket Springs. The Aura Hybrid is a mattress with up to 1000 individually encapsulated pocket springs with 16 cm high levels
They work together to create a responsive base. With an adaptive surface, the mattress responds to your body for a motion-free sleep. This means you’ll wake up feeling happier, more rested and energized! More about What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review Tall Encapsulated Pocket Springs

High Density Support Foam. A layer of specially designed foam provides the necessary support so that your body lies in the right shape and does not sink into the mattress.

Comfort Memory Foam. A layer of thermoactive memory foam that conforms to the contours of your body to increase mattress comfort and reduce stress on muscles and joints. Learn more about Memory Foam Mattresses.

Removable and Washable Cover. The model is covered with a thick knitted cover.

What is its firmness?

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress provides the comfort and support you need. It is defined as medium firm 6 on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is very firm.

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review side on bed
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How does it feel?

According to our experts, the mattress feels comfortable, but may be firmer than desired for people under 60 kg who prefer more comfortable mattresses. For heavier people like our team ­čÖé it feels pretty well balanced. Thanks to the layer of memory foam and high-density foam, it is suitable for all sleeping positions. Overall, we were a bit surprised by the mattress considering the low price.

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review body support
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Does it have a removable cover?

The mattress cover is made of high quality and soft knitted fabric, which provides additional softness. Thanks to the zipper, it can be easily and quickly removed and machine washed at 40 degrees. Using a mattress protector can significantly extend the life of your new mattress. Mattress Cleaning – 8 tips for Mattress Cleaning

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review edge support
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Does it have a home test period?

Like most quality mattress manufacturers, the OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress offers a 100-night trial period. For three months you can see for yourself the qualities of the mattress and decide if this is your mattress. If you do not like it, you can return it for free and get a full refund. You can see below part of the conditions:

Returning a Mattress

1. Mattresses – 100-night sleep trial. OTTY mattresses are covered by a 100-night trial from the date of delivery. In addition to your statutory right to cancel your order, if you notify us in writing that you wish to return a mattress to us no later than 100 days after receiving it, we will arrange for collection at no cost to yourself and will refund the purchase price (excluding any delivery costs) within a reasonable time (no later than 14 days) after we receive it in our warehouse. The refund will be made in the same way used to make the payment.

a) The products have to be returned in a reasonable condition; that means no damage, stains, rips or other visible marks or damage.

b) Any damage or stains on the cover, found at the point of inspection in our warehouse, will result in your refund being reduced to cover the replacement cost of the cover. To prevent this, we strongly recommend that you clean the mattress cover at home by washing it or sending to the dry cleaners, before the collection is arranged. Our returns emails outline all the steps and request that you take pictures of the mattress before it is returned to us, as your proof of the quality and condition of the mattress and the cover, before our couriers collect it. If there is damage sustained to the mattress in transit, these will be requested by our customer service team as proof that the mattress left your property in good condition and failure to provide these may result in the fee for the cover replacement, being taken from your refund.

c) Damage or stains to the mattress itself found at the point of inspection in our warehouse will result in a cleaning fee of ┬ú40 being reduced from your refund if the mattress is expected to be cleanable. In case the damage / stains to the mattress are so severe that it is not recoverable, we reserve the right to send the mattress back to you at our cost and refuse your 100-night trial. As above, all returned mattresses are stripped and inspected so we recommend that you clean any stains before returning the product and notify our agents before delivery, if any damage / stain is present before shipping. Pictures of the mattress before returning are helpful in case the mattress is damaged by our courier in transit, as they will speed up your refund and act as proof that the goods have left your property in good condition. 

d) When processing the return via the returns form online, you will be required to submit images of the mattress and/or the cover, plus any other items that you are returning. This will help speed up the process of returns.

2. We only offer the 100 Night Trial for orders in the Mainland UK and Ireland. 

a) We operate a post-code specific matrix for deliveries and collections and are only able to deliver/collect from certain post codes on certain days. These options are visible at checkout when selecting delivery method and can be advised by our customer service team. It is your responsibility to be home on the specified day of collection to return the products to us.

b) If our delivery matrix does not suit your requirements, we can also collect the goods from a safe location or a neighbour.

Is it suitable for couples?

This mattress has a core of pocket springs that react individually to any load. Thus, the movements and vibrations of your partner are not transmitted across the entire width of the mattress. Also, you can use it to the edge, which makes it ideal for couples.

Is it suitable for children?

Recent studies have shown that medium-firm and firm mattresses without an additional memory foam layer are suitable for growing children (3-7 years). Therefore, OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress is NOT suitable for your child.

What sizes are available?

You can order the mattress in the following sizes:

  • Single: W90 L190 D23 cm.
  • Double: W135 L190 D23 cm.
  • King: W150 L200 D23 cm.
  • Super King: W180 L200 D23 cm.

How thick is OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress?

The model is 23 cm. deep. If your bed has a soft padded headboard that restricts the height of the mattress, it is good to consider this.

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress Review sleeping people
Image credit: Otty


OTTY Aura hybrid Mattress is guaranteed for 10 years. If it develops a defect, the manufacturer will replace it with a new one. Of course, if that happens the warranty it is not expended. See some details from the conditions below:

  • What our guarantee does not cover.

Our guarantee does not cover:

  • Defects caused by normal wear and tear or any condition resulting from misuse or abuse of the product;
  • Defects caused by standard softening of the mattress foam resulting from regular use;
  • Defects caused by the mattress being left packaged and compressed in the box, for any more than 8 weeks from the date of delivery;
  • Defects caused by failure to place the mattress on a solid and stable surface, supporting all areas of the mattress evenly;
  • Defects caused by repetitive pressure being placed on one small area of the mattress causing a hole, rip or indentation;
  • Defects caused by mould, odour, mildew, discolouration caused by abnormal care such as liquid spillage, improper ventilation, or excessive humidity;
  • Defects caused by use of the mattress by a combined weight of the users of over 44 stone (284kg);
  • Defects caused by the lack of rotation of the mattress as recommended (You should rotate the mattress once a month for the first year. Rotate head to toe, keeping the cool blue gel layer on top);
  • Defects caused by standing on, or jumping on the mattress;
  • Comfort preference after the Trial period has come to an end, including preferences of firmness and/or heat retention levels;
  • Imperfections that do not prevent standard use of the products;
  • Mattresses that have been soiled, or otherwise unhygienic; or
  • Mattress covers that are damaged due to improper use such as rips, cuts, stains and bobbling.

How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery to Front Door | Courier will contact you to schedule delivery Within 3-7 Working Days FREE

Delivery to Room of Choice | Courier will contact you to schedule delivery – PAID

Next Working Day Delivery with DHL | Front Door Only – PAID

Delivery to Room of Choice, Unpack & Packaging Removal | Courier will contact you to schedule delivery – PAID

Delivery to Room of Choice with Old Mattress Collection | Courier will contact you to schedule delivery – PAID

Delivery to Room of Choice, Unpack, Packaging Removal & Old Mattress Collection | Courier will contact you to schedule delivery – PAID

You can order the mattress with free delivery on a day that suits you. The mattress is rolled up in a practical transport box.


The OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress is a very affordable mattress that dwarfs its competitors like the The Simba Hybrid Essential mattress and Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress in terms of price. Plus, you can get 0% financing on your purchase. And of course, this mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty! Do not forget to check the current promotion via the button below so you can save some money ­čÖé

Verdict for OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress.

As mentioned earlier, we were a bit surprised by the OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress, as we did not expect to get so much for such a low price. The mattress provides the niche to sleep well, of course, according to our sensation and test. We do not think it can satisfy everyone’s needs, but it is a budget class mattress. So if you are looking for a cheap mattress, this is a good option.

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