Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress Review 2023.

Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress Review 2023.

In this review, we will try to look at all the features of the mattress. You will learn everything you need to make an informed decision. We will pay attention to size, firmness level, feel, warranty, shipping and more. Enjoy reading, and have a good sleep ­čÖé

Key takeaways:

Pocket springs core
Medium-firm 6.5/10
Excellent support
Suitable for all sleeping positions
Removable cover
Highly breathable
High-quality materials
365 nights trial
Forever Warranty
5 days non-contact delivery
Organic and sustainably
No nasty materials
100% Carbon Neutral


  • Pocket springs – best sleeping tech
  • Comfortable, great back support
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Forever Warranty
  • Eco friendly


  • High price
  • Removable cover may cause damage to the mattress, if removed
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Table of content:

What material is The Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress made of?

Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress is made of high-quality materials that do not contain environmentally harmful chemicals. Innovative technologies are used in its production, which guarantee its quality and durability.

Position base material. The bottom is made of a material that prevents the mattress from moving and sliding off your bed.

Supportive base. A foam layer designed to support the pocket spring core. Thanks to this layer, the sprung pack provides support to your body when and where it needs it.

Encapsulated springs (pocket spring system) with up to 600 individually wrapped, 15 cm pocket springs encapsulated in a support mould for breathable, responsive comfort with exceptional edge support. The pocket spring core system is the ultimate sleep system. Thanks to the individual springs, it provides excellent orthopedic support for your body.

nectar essential hybrid mattress review
Image credit: Nectar

Dynamic support layer. This breathable foam layer is placed and designed to improve air circulation, regulate your body temperature, and provide excellent support with added bounce.

2 cm. Memory Foam. The mattress core is equipped with a 2 cm thick layer of memory foam. This makes the model even more comfortable and popular. Memory foam is a thermoactive, soft material that perfectly adapts to the contours of your body when heated. In this way, the load on muscles and joints is significantly reduced. Learn more about Memory Foam Mattresses.

Quilted Cooling cover. Tailored textiles that prevent sweating through good air circulation and dissipate heat from the body.

nectar essential hybrid mattress review materials
Image credit: Nectar

What is its firmness?

Nectar Essential Hybrid is a comfortable mattress with good support for the back, neck, and pelvis. It is defined as medium-firm. The mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions, but we would not recommend it for overweight stomach sleepers.

nectar essential hybrid mattress review firmness

How does it feel?

The mattress feels very comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. It supports the body well and helps a lot with back and lower back pain. Thanks to the supporting end layer, the edge of the mattress is quite stable and you don’t feel like falling out of bed.

Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress Review Pressure Relief
Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress Air Flow
Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress Review weight distribution

Does it have a removable cover?

The cover can be removed however we do advise that this not be removed as it may cause damage to the mattress. If you are looking to clean the mattress, we do suggest doing this by hand with the use of lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Using a mattress protector can significantly extend the life of your new mattress. Mattress Cleaning – 8 tips for Mattress Cleaning

nectar essential hybrid mattress review sheets
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Does it have a home test period?

The Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress is one of the latest innovative models of the manufacturer. It has a trial period of 365 nights, which surpasses the competition. You can enjoy it all year round, in any season, and if you do not like it, Nectar will take it back for free and give you your money back.

Is it suitable for couples?

Thanks to its core of pocket springs, which react individually to any load, your partner’s movements and vibrations are not transmitted across the entire width of the mattress. You may have seen videos on the Internet where a glass of wine is placed on one side of the mattress and a bowling ball is thrown on the other side. Of course, the glass of wine does not move. In the case of this model, this is true to the full extent. Taking into account the support layer on the edge of the mattress, it can be used up to the edge, which makes it ideal for couples.

Is it suitable for children?

Recent studies have shown that medium-firm and firm mattresses without an additional memory foam layer are suitable for growing children (3-7 years). Therefore, Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress is NOT suitable for your child.

What sizes are available?

You can order the mattress in the following sizes:

  • Single: W90 L190 D25 cm.
  • Small Double W120 L190 D25 cm.
  • Double: W135 L190 D25 cm.
  • King: W150 L200 D25 cm.
  • Super King: W180 L200 D25 cm.
nectar essential hybrid mattress review sizes
Image credit: Nectar

How thick is Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress?

The model is 25 cm. deep. If your bed has a soft padded headboard that restricts the height of the mattress, it is good to consider this.

nectar essential hybrid mattress review couples
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Nectar Essential Hybrid comes with a Forever Warranty. Even if the mattress has a defect thru the years, the manufacturer will repair it or replace it with a new one.

How much does the delivery cost?

You can order the mattress with free delivery on a day that suits you. Nectar takes climate change very seriously and has therefore developed a process where the delivery is 100% carbon neutral. You can order an old mattress and pick it up for a fee. Please note that your old mattress can only be picked up outside of the property. The mattress is rolled up in a practical transport box.

Video credit: Nectar


Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress is in the higher price range. Considering the innovation, support and comfort you get, the price is worth every penny. You also have to keep in mind that it is an investment in your healthy sleep. Of course, you can also benefit from the 0% interest option.

Verdict for Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress.

Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress is an expensive mattress, but that is precisely why it is completely ecological and surprisingly comfortable. Because many experts believe that the pocket spring system used in the mattress core is the best sleep system. So, it’s worth investing in this model. Do not forget, that the mattress is an investment in your healthy sleep.

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If you what more layers and comfort, check out Nectar Premier Hybrid Mattress

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