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What is the difference between Cheap and Expensive Mattresses? Cheap vs Expensive Mattresses, which is better?

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When buying a mattress, the question often arises: is it worth paying too much for a bed arrangement, or is it all just a marketing ploy, and you can achieve a comfortable level even for little money? Manufacturers offer such a large number of mattresses that it is not easy for the customer to make a choice. At first glance, one model looks the same as the other, but the difference in cost is astounding. Most people will choose the cheaper model, but is it the right one?
The main parameters that affect the price of a mattress are the base – the type of springs or lack thereof – and the filling. But you should not forget about the brand – after all, it is the first thing that almost all buyers are guided by, which is very wrong, because some cheap suppliers cannot offer the manufacture of their product worse, while the price may well be several times cheaper than a popular competitor. Secondary factors are the additional features that can provide more convenience. In this article you will learn whether it is worth overpaying for an expensive mattress and how it differs from an ‘economy’ class product.

Types of innerspring mattresses

They determine the softness and comfort during sleep. With the right type of product, you can enjoy a high-quality and comfortable mattress for many years. A little spoiler – you should not skimp on the selection.

Bonnell Springs

Bonnel spring core Cheap vs Expensive Mattresses, which is better

When the Bonnell mechanisms interact with each other, orthopedic effect during sleep is impossible. When a person lies down on such a bed surface, then each spiral shifts in turn. These spiral elements are not designed to support a weight higher than 120 kg for the standard model and 150 kg for the extended model. The mattress is also not suitable for couples and joint resting, because the surface under the heavier person is pressed harder. For example, if one person weighs 100 kg and the other 50 kg, the lighter partner will simply slide onto the first person.

But this is not the only reason that prevents two people from sleeping together. Every movement of the other person will be felt. And instead of lying down and sleeping peacefully, each person will try not to move so that the other partner will not notice anything. Accordingly, the other partner will be afraid to turn over. And the result? Both of them will not get enough sleep. The durability of this Technologie is low, so it will have a short life. It does not seem to make sense to buy a mattress with dependent springs, but there are some reasons. Namely, among other things:

  • Cheapness. This option can be considered a temporary replacement until the financial resources are available for the purchase of a more technical solution or for use in rental housing.
  • The durable block is virtually indestructible, and breakage and deformation are very rare.

If you are considering buying a long-term mattress with all the comfort, then the dependent springs are definitely not worth buying.

It is an interesting fact that in the middle of the last century you could only buy a mattress or sofa based with Bonnell.

Independent Spring Mattresses

pocket sprung system Cheap vs Expensive Mattresses, which is better

In this solution, all the springs are independent and do not affect each other. The product is the most technologically advanced in terms of comfort for the customer. The support system is designed as follows: When a person lies down on the bed, the spring mechanisms are finely tuned to the contours of the body, creating an orthopedic effect. The bed not only provides softness and comfort, but also correctly supports the spine throughout the night. When one of the partners turns to the other side during sleep, the wave vibrations do not spread further.

The sleeper has three basic hardness levels – high, soft and medium (universal). Thus, people of all ages and with spinal problems can choose the option that best suits them in terms of parameters and recommendations. The price of a model is also influenced by the number of springs inside. The higher the number, the more effective the support. They affect not only the comfort, but also the service life, and therefore the price.

Models with Pocket Springs:

Mattresses Without Springs – Cheap vs Expensive Mattresses

Mattresses made of polyurethane foam

The absence of springs does not affect the affordability of the product – on the contrary, depending on the additional layers or foam quality, it can easily be at the level of premium models with independent spring blocks. The fillings can be synthetic, natural components or combined.

The price of such a product depends entirely on the quality of the components. If they are made of good materials, they do not necessarily have to be natural, because some synthetic materials are not inferior to them in some respects, and even superior in others. And if a mattress contains several layers of filling material, then the price of the product increases several times.


Consequently, if the raw material does not require much technological effort and is not of the best quality, the product is produced at low cost.

Fillings imported from abroad a priori cannot be cheaper than those produced in our country. Unfortunately, coconuts and rubber trees do not grow in every country, so coconut fiber and natural latex can only be imported.
It is a curious fact that people prefer mattresses without springs because they do not warp and are very durable.

Types fillings


The full name is coconut coir. The material is of plant origin, stiff and elastic, which makes it suitable for babies and adolescents for orthopedic purposes. Sleeping on this mattress allows correct posture and provides an even distribution of the load on the surface of the bed. A bed made of coconut is a durable companion for the night, because the component is natural and bactericidal, hypoallergenic and hygienic. It allows air to circulate and limits the growth of pathogenic flora. It does not absorb moisture or foreign odors and does not collect dust.

Natural latex

Made from the cellulose sap of the Brazilian Hevea tree. It is made by foaming and distributing the component in molds. The filling is one of the softest and most elastic used for comfortable mattresses. The material is hypoallergenic, has hygroscopic properties, promotes air exchange and thermoregulation of the bed. The elastic structure perfectly adapts to the sleeping body, follows the curves of the body without affecting blood circulation. The foam does not harm the joints, relaxes the muscles and keeps the shape well. Latex Technology, and How it is Made?

Artificial latex or PPU

This is a high-quality polyurethane foam with varying density and stiffness depending on the polymeric additives and stabilizers. It is much softer than its natural counterpart due to its porous structure and is affordable. In the production of latex foam, samples are offered that have similar properties to natural latex. Sometimes only a specialist can distinguish the fillers, where the synthetic version is and where the natural one is. It “breathes”, is not afraid of moisture and does not create a breeding ground for bacteria and is resistant to temperature changes. The service life is much shorter and is not more than 5-7 years.

Pocket Springs

Pocket spring core technology, named after the English words pocket and spring, is a system of many individually packed springs. Each of these springs is located in its own fabric pocket. Such a structure provides much better support for the body and excellent comfort.

Memory Foam

Since their introduction, memory foam mattresses have been among the most popular products. This is due to the exceptional comfort that memory foam provides, as well as its elasticity and durability as a mattress core material.

Choice of cover

The textile industry offers its products for mattress covers. Various types of jacquards and knitted fabrics with the addition of natural and synthetic fibers are considered the most popular. Various impregnations with antimicrobial agents, aloe vera, bamboo charcoal and others make them hygienic and fresh. The main thing is that the cover is natural and provides a good microclimate in the bed.
The ventilation grids sewn into the edge of the mattress for better ventilation of the inner filling prolong the life of the mattress. The fresh air flows prevent the accumulation of germs and vermin, prevent moisture accumulation and eliminate foreign odors. All this, of course, contributes to better sleeping comfort, but also increases the final price of the product.

Parameters of the bed size

The larger the mattress, the more material was used in its manufacture and the higher the price compared to a model with the same components but smaller size.

The manufacturing companies. Cheap vs Expensive Mattresses

If the brand has established itself as a provider of mattresses that last a long time, the price of the product will be significantly higher, as the buyer is guaranteed to buy a quality product. If you have a limited budget, you can look at lesser-known brands, provided that the reviews of their models are above average.

Conclusion on Cheap vs Expensive Mattresses

How to choose a mattress without paying too much? It’s important to determine your goals – what tasks you want to accomplish with the purchase. However, skimping on bedding is not an option. The right choice depends not only on the comfort of the next few years, but also the beautiful posture, the health of your back, which with age and so will cause many complaints. Buy the cheapest option as a temporary replacement for a more expensive product, or you can benefit from a 0% interest option.

With regular discounts and seasonal specials, you can buy premium models at very reasonable prices. When it comes to the sleeping space in your apartment or house, it’s better to buy a product that meets all your preferences and needs, even if it’s a little more expensive than you planned. The price of your mattress is a full, comfortable place to sleep for 10 to 15 years. Buying a mattress falls into an expenditure category where the consequences of saving money are more expensive than the item itself.

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