Tencel technology Where to buy mattresses in London

Tencel Technology


This Austrian technology for the production of natural fibers has been used since 1979. The moisture-absorbing fibers of Tencel viscose provide an excellent sleeping climate. The fibers used in Tencel technology come exclusively from eucalyptus trees grown in South Africa. The eucalyptus tree grows under very extreme conditions, which is why it has developed the ability to extract and absorb every drop of water from its fibers. The pulp is extracted from the tree trunks and transported to Austria. There, a solvent is used to extract the fibers from it, which form a very soft, supple and smooth material known as “viscose”.

This technology dates back to 1979 and is known not only for its exceptional results but also for its extremely environmentally friendly production process.

Tencel viscose

is the only viscose that combines excellent moisture-absorbing properties with silky softness against the skin. Tencel is elastic and stretches up to 16% of its length, allowing it to stretch over the body when needed.

Tencel fibers have a unique structure that, unlike cotton and synthetic materials, instantly absorbs all moisture inside. This limits the access of microorganisms to moisture, preventing them from developing. According to research, the development of organisms on fibers is 2000 times less than some synthetic materials.

This material is particularly comfortable to the touch, unlike other materials that cause skin irritation. Tencel fibers care for and protect even the most sensitive skin.

The main advantages of Tencel:

  • Cools the skin and evaporates moisture.
  • The smooth structure does not irritate the skin
  • Destroys microorganisms

This is an expensive technology that pays off with good results.

Learn more about Tencel on the Lenzing website AG:

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Tencel technology Where to buy mattresses in London

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