Dual core mattress

Which mattress should you buy if you have different preferences?

Which mattress should you buy if you have different preferences?

If you are one of those couples who have different preferences in terms of the hardness and feel of the mattress, then you have probably wondered how to make both of you comfortable.

This is normal, of course, because we are all different and have unique body types that determine the type of support and firmness level of the mattress, we find most comfortable. Choosing to buy two different mattresses for your bed to make each of you happy is not a good idea for two reasons:

  1. there will be a gap between the two mattresses, which is quite disturbing and uncomfortable, especially if there are two of you and you like to cuddle.
  2. it is very likely that you will not be able to find two mattresses of the same height, different in hardness and feeling.

Do not panic, no need to worry, because a leading Italian mattress manufacturer has invented the so-called Dual Core technology (double core). Thanks to this innovation, the core (mattress core), made of layers of material of different densities and viscosity, has two separate parts that can be rotated to provide two different types of support: soft and hard. This technology is available only for mattresses wider than 150 cm and for certain models.

Which mattress should you buy if you have different preferences?
Dual-core mattress

As you can see in the picture, each of you can choose the preferred level of hardness of the mattress to be comfortable, lie comfortably, and avoid back and lower back pain caused by inappropriate support for his physique.
Simply put, you get two mattresses in one cover. Open the cover, which is divided into two parts by a zipper, and turn the core to your side according to your preference, then tighten the cover again. Voila, now everyone has a comfortable side of the mattress and you are ready for deep and healthy sleep.

You may wonder how come the mattress is made of two parts and you do not feel any gap between the two halves?

Again, there is no need to worry because thanks to modern technology, the materials of dual-core mattresses are made extremely precisely and there is no gap between their two parts.
You may wonder, what if it is too soft or too hard for both of us? For this reason, we have already mentioned that the technology is used in different models with cores of different hardness. Each of these models is made of different materials, different foam densities, and different amounts of memory foam. So you have a choice
And to conclude this hopefully useful article, we would like to tell you that there are also other mattress manufacturers that offer models with this technology.

Light and comfortable sleep!

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