Talalay Latex technology

Latex Technology, and How it is Made?

What is latex?

Latex is a natural material extracted from the sap of the Brazilian Hevea tree and is one of the most elastic and durable surfaces for a mattress. It has a finer texture and higher density than other materials and therefore shrinks less. Because of these properties, latex conforms very well to the body, reducing discomfort. Combined with its good performance, this material guarantees a long life of the mattress.

How is latex made?

Latex today is made from different ingredients and with 2 completely different technologies – Dunlop and Talalay. The sap (resin) of the “Hevea brasiliensis” tree is mixed with water and synthetic latex and poured into a metal mold with numerous protruding pins. They help to “bake” the latex evenly from the inside. The mold is heated to the vulcanization point of the mixture. During vulcanization, the chemical bonds that give latex its elastic properties are formed. The structure of normal latex is partially closed and therefore cannot be ventilated as well. A thick layer of latex (15-20 cm) without perforations can steam and retain moisture. Normally it feels relatively soft, but becomes harder when subjected to the pressure of body weight. The cells of ordinary latex have the shape of a snowflake. Latex conforms very well to the body and can relieve tension in the most sensitive areas.

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