What is a mattress protector

What is a mattress protector and why is it needed?

What is a mattress protector and why is it needed?

Many bedding and mattress manufacturers assure us that buying a mattress protector is a must. A marketing gimmick or a really necessary thing? Let us find out.

Mattress protectors were introduced to the market relatively recently, about 10-15 years ago. As the name suggests, this product is designed to be placed on the mattress. Essentially, it is a cover that covers the surface of the mattress and can perform various functions. But is a mattress protector really necessary, or are the mattress and sheet enough? Is it really important or are its positive features overrated? To get answers to these questions, it is necessary to get acquainted with the different types of mattress protectors and the properties attributed to them.

What are the types of mattress protectors?

There are several types of mattress protectors.

  • Antibacterial mattress protectors are made of a fabric impregnated with a special compound that prevents the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and other microorganisms
  • Weatherproof models are suitable for young children and people with certain diseases. Waterproof impregnation and padded textile base prevent liquid from penetrating and damaging the mattress
  • Classic mattress protectors have a thick fabric layer that protects the mattress from dirt and scratches.

Waterproof mattress covers are usually made in the form of a fitted sheet with an elastic membrane that protects the mattress from dust, moisture, dirt, and liquids. They can also protect against allergic reactions to the mattress filling and prevent the spread of bacteria in the mattress core.

One of the most popular fabric technology used in premium Antibacterial protectors is Tencel Technology.

When buying a mattress protector, make sure to measure the exact dimensions of the mattress. There are several ways to attach it. You can use rubber bands or elastic bands that are attached to the corners of the product, or a design with continuous sides. However, the most reliable models are those that work like a sheet with an elastic band. These are securely fastened to the mattress and provide the best protection. Accurate dimensional accuracy is a must.

What is a mattress protector

Why should I use a mattress protector?

After knowing the different types and their functions, you can summarize and decide whether buying a mattress protector is worth it or not. By buying this product, you will extend the life of your mattress by protecting it from wear and tear, dirt, and damage. Caring for the protector is much easier and more convenient than cleaning the entire mattress. An important factor is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial effect
Therefore, it can be said that the purchase of such a product makes sense, and the money spent will bring tangible benefits.

In order for the mattress protector to last for a long time, it is necessary to follow certain care instructions. When cleaning and washing, it is important to take into account the specifics of the materials. For example, the membrane fabric should be washed only with special products, otherwise, the micropores will be irreparably damaged. It can be washed at max. 40°C without aggressive detergents, air-dried, and not ironed.

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