Silver in mattresses

Silver in Mattresses

Silver threads or silver ions?

Why do manufacturers put silver threads in mattresses?

We will try to answer you with some useful facts.

Over the years, the variety and consumer expectations of mattresses are constantly growing. The evolution of technology pushes manufacturers to push the limits of known materials in their production. And really, we sleep better knowing that somewhere out there is a team developing a new top-of-the-line product for 100% good sleep.

Perhaps the focus until now has been on whether a mattress is innerspring or foam, and not so much on the material used in the cover. The truth is that textiles play a very important role in the ventilation of the materials inside and the overall comfort of the mattress. One of the most innovative technologies at the moment is the use of silver-containing covers to make the cover.

Silver has been known for centuries for its many antibacterial properties.

This is a completely ecological solution against the development of mites and mold. Therefore, the fabric with silver threads is considered an advantage when choosing a mattress. Silver not only prevents the growth and multiplication of unfavorable bacteria, but also the development of unpleasant odors. If you are a fan of perfect hygiene, then the presence of silver threads or ions is the solution for you. In addition to all these properties, the textile with silver ions improves blood circulation and has an antistatic effect, which makes it a desirable helper in the fight against stress and fatigue from our hectic everyday life.

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