Talalay Latex technology

Talalay Latex, How it is Made?

Latex Talalay

This is a Dutch technology that was introduced in 1940. Only in the last decade it has become available for the production of latex mattresses.

Talalay latex has a higher degree of compression than ordinary latex, so it provides better support and distributes the weight of the body more evenly over the surface. Due to its great elasticity, it forms an independent surface and does not transmit the partner’s movements. The open structure of Talalay latex allows excellent ventilation for a peaceful sleep. And most importantly, this special latex is much more durable and always retains its properties.

Talalay technology

The difference between Talalay latex and ordinary latex becomes obvious at the first touch.

Talalay technology uses the same ingredients as ordinary latex, but is manufactured and processed using a much more innovative technology. After the ingredients are mixed and stirred, they are poured into a very fine mold with thousands of heating elements. The air from the mold is sucked out, creating a vacuum that causes the air bubbles in the mixture to expand and fill the mold. This creates an open and uniform structure. To maintain this quality, the mixture is immediately frozen to -30 degrees just seconds after vacuuming. This freezing maintains the ideal structure, and the synthetic components do not settle to the bottom. The material is then treated with carbon to stabilize the open structure from within. It is then heated to 115 degrees to harden it enough to fit in a dishwasher. This machine squirts water into the latex and then squeezes it with rollers to wash away any remaining particles. Finally, the latex is dried and heated at a high temperature for 8 hours to vulcanize and obtain its final properties.

Talalay Memory

Talalay memory latex has similar properties to memory foam. It is affected by human temperature and softens to conform to the curves of the body. Thus, this new memory latex reduces pressure on the skin and provides an excellent anatomical surface for a good night’s sleep. Its structure is completely open, so Talalay memory latex has very good ventilation.

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